Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

Pork Crackling Advent Calendar


The Snaffling Pig Co
Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt

As The Backstreet Boys once sang: Oh My God, We're Back Again. 

After last year's sell out adventure our Advent returns! We've made a few tweaks, made a few more and created another random puzzle for the back. 

If you don't know what this is all about, allow us to enlighten you:

Advent calendars are great, right? Wonderfully delivering daily countdown-based treats, encouraging early morning snackage, and gleefully throwing normal eating times out of the cardboard window. But, if you're more of a savoury loving swine, they've tended to be a piggin' let down.

The Snaffling Pig decided to right that wrong, because he’s good like that. The result is this bad boy- which is a whopping A3 sized.

As you may have guessed, behind each of the windows you'll find a mini bag of awesome flavoured pork crackling. Sadly, none of them will be in the shape of a bell or a Santa. Even SP isn't that clever. But we'd like to think that what they lack in festive shape, they make up in crisp, crunchy loveliness.

There are 6 flavours included in our pork crackling advent calendar: Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Perfectly Salted. Four of those have won Great Taste awards, LA-Di-DA. 

Quick note from the Logistics Pig: We've actually had to create a dedicated dispatch centre for this bad boy, so delivery might be a touch slower than normal and if you order anything else from our site you'll get a second parcel.